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Wisdom and advise of how the different elements necessary to make a positive impact in the workplace in my point of view. Also, I chronicled fifty-two (52) important topics that are important in the workplace. They could also be do’s and don’ts.

I’ll elaborate on them and give real-world examples. Hope they help to support and be our best version of ourselves.

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Posts of Interest

  1. VISION – Something is brewing, and your intuition is high. Time to foster those emotions and views or flashes of ideas. Act on that gift, open your imagination and let it take off. Your heart and soul send you messages and signs that bring life to this path – envision what you want to be.

2. PASSION – Work on your inspiration – money will follow. The most successful fulfill their dreams by working with an endless supply of effort and determination through perseverance. This is not an overnight success, but a continuation of innovation and action.

“DO WHAT YOU LOVE; LOVE WHAT YOU DO” – American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd Edition

3. OBSTACLES – Love the work that you do so much that climbing up is not a struggle. Do not take a job for the paycheck. You will be going from job to job as long as material resources is your focus. Each day can be a struggle. Feel comfortable and confident to be able to take on challenges.

4. RENEWAL – Time to shed the old skin to make room for the new you. Each day starts with your attitude. Anyone can learn and be trained. With negative energy you won’t have anything go your way. Positivity heals, what you put out, you get back. Choose wisely, attitudes are contagious. Open up, shake it off and peacock – spread your feathers.

5. RESPECT – Value yourself and others. Treat others with the highest regard. Listen and try to understand each point of view and situation. Listen and treat others as you would want to be done unto. Your reputation is important when attempting to get the buy-in. When you do what you say you’re going to do people will follow – no doubt.

6. SUCCESS – What are you good at, love to do? Take that hopeful, visionary approach, make it a top priority and invest yourself and resources. Giving it all you got and consistently do your best.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

7. STRENGTH – Willing to use energy both mental and physical interchangeably. Resolve issues quickly with the least number of wasted resources. Work together, celebrate triumphs and recover fast from mistakes or failure.

8. TRUST – Transparency in relaying and receiving information. Accept information fairly and be reasonable. Decisions made are in the best interest of ALL. Handle situations with integrity for both internal and external constituents. Delegate to accomplish tasks that you couldn’t complete on your own whether you have the knowledge or not.

9. TEAM – Cooperation and collaboration together respectfully. Given the right tools and resources and proper authority to produce results. To be successful – requires working together in synchronicity. Each step is as important as each moment together. Being occupied by conflict is counterproductive and leads to procrastination. Work hard – make magic.

10. WISDOM – Qualities and knowledge developed through experience and challenges. You are shaped by values and morals. Authentic, strong-minded person with confidence and fearlessness with drive to pursue and reach your best. Quiet-minded, the answers will come to you. What you say to yourself and express to others my come to be. No negative thinking. Your instincts are the knowledge to prosperity. Manifest abundance.

11. LEADER – Reasonable, mature, inspirational and supportive. Maturity built from experience. Create an environment of teamwork, goals, transparency, respect, communication and rewards. Produce great products and prioritize your customers. Actions speak louder than words, a lifelong learner, walk together in the same direction. Role model, it starts with you. It’s all about us. It’s, “we”, not “me”.

“No one gets to the top by himself or herself.” James M. Zimmerman, Chairman & CEO – Federated Dept Stores Inc., Cincinnati, OH – Wisdom of a Young CEO

12. COMPETITION – Fair and caring, forward-thinking as a group to reach a goal. Celebrate each step as if it were a victory. Be able to evolve with the changing of time stay open-minded. Research products, but don’t waste energy, move fast, avoid mistakes and any decision-making that may cause the team or organization to suffer. A healthy win builds relationships.

13. COMMUNICATION – Who is your target audience? Teach – talk about productive topics. Clear and honest conversation of the current state of affairs. Be sure to you use all forms of communication via email, phone, in-person or social media. These tools can be effective if used correctly. Everyone should hear the same message at the same time, top to bottom.

14. FLEXIBILITY – Be unconventional and use your emotional intelligence. Trust your instincts and use your 360 degree view. If something doesn’t feel right or look right; it probably isn’t. Everyone has weaknesses – reach out- work with people that support or can easily make adjustments. Change is possible when you relinquish control. Be receptive to growth and make a difference implementing logical and practical ideas.

15. NEW BEGINNING – Take a risk. A chance to prosper with your vision. Believe in your thoughts and begin to build something by putting together your strategy or plan into action. Don’t miss the opportunity to begin – you never know what could have been if you delay or don’t charge forward.

16. FOCUS – A continuous contribution to developing a specific passion or goal, stay on track. Don’t lose sight of what you have to do and what is necessary to execute. Be spot on and on point. Others won’t have the insight and diligence of you. “Keep your eye on the prize.” Be present – int he now.

17. COMMITMENT: Bring competent people together, share a vision of reaching a goal with great work ethic. The best ideas and creations come from effort and dedication. Time to contribute and collaborate with follow-through. Walk the walk, talk the talk. Be responsible and responsive for your work and for the others on your team.

18. INNOVATION: Accept that ideas include trial and error. Give credit where credit is due. Invest and support toward your cause or of others. Consistently learning by staying curious. Be able to apply new concepts to your vision. Be a master at your craft. If possible streamline where best suited. Use resources wisely. Don’t rule out technology. Use your moral and intellectual character. Do good, be good.

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