Success! – 5/24/23

Hello, I hope everyone is doing okay!

I’ve had success the last couple days. I shook off the storm from last week. I was intimidated to log on Monday (5/22/23) and see what a hot mess I had gotten myself into last week and it ended with a “to be continued” situation. And then…

I feel like I’m breaking barriers now. A little tired and not a lot of energy, but I’m keeping my eyes on the end goal. I feel like I’m growing, not necessarily expanding, but I have yet to try and discover more resources available at work, how to expand my visibility and continue to do my best. I’m doing what I feel I’m good at with honesty and hard work. I am a hopeful visionary, approach things with curiosity. I do plan to overcome all the obstacles, making it a priority to invest in myself to meet the needs of the department, but right now I’m going to celebrate the small steps achieved. All the Best!

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

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