Friday Reflection – 5/19/23

Hello, I hope everyone is doing okay!

As I reflect on the week I don’t want to reflect on the negative which I had plenty of. I have had a couple weeks of no progress, but no progress of work was slow progress. I learned plenty other things anyway and I prepared by learning systems, use of forms and have some knowledge of the workflow so I wouldn’t be lost when I’m actually trained on the detail. I took the time to self-teach the big picture of the organization.

I was “slapped on the hand” almost every day about my work. I wrote about my manic Monday, Tuesday I was critiqued about my work, again. Wednesday the supervisor didn’t seem happy and took me to task about the work flow that she hadn’t yet explained and how she wants it done. I’ve been told to stay in my lane. I was questioned whether I’m training the new lady when I only share information, no training. Thursday we were going back and forth about my email style and Friday I stood up for myself, had enough. I’m scaling back with my creativity and go back to your basic style. I surrendered. I have no interest in comparing myself or competing with her.

I understand myself, the people around me and my supervisor’s emotional state. I decided to do it her way, the basic way because my creativity is probably too much for her. I didn’t have to mouth off to get my point across.

Later, Friday afternoon her demeanor was changed. I deserve respect and you should ask before you put your foot in your mouth. I earned my respect without making another enemy and so I ended the week content of showing my power without hurting her. I learned what battles to fight. I didn’t want to fight this one, but I do plan to win the war because I have a feeling that this young lady hasn’t been around the block like I have, yet. Life will certainly teach you a lot, but that’s not going to be me. All the Best!

Why hire me if you won’t let me be creative.

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