The Interview Process – 5/16/23

I hope everyone is doing okay!

I want to write about the latest interview process because I thought that interviewing for one hour and thirty minutes was difficult enough especially that it turned more into a psychological interview and not a job interview. I thought I wouldn’t go through anything else to beat this past experience, but it did. I was ready to move from the toxic mean girls at work that kept attempting to sabotage the reputation I had built.

The first interview was normal and it was a conversation, nothing at all like an interview, very informal. I was quite shocked and pretty happy near the end that they were only looking for someone who was willing to put in effort into learning the job. Great! I was enlightened and felt if I was willing to waste my energy elsewhere that wasn’t worth I’d be more than willing to give this a shot. I was under the impression it would be a couple interviews and then decision-making time. The second interview came and it was another conversation, put me at ease, no big deal. She was dry, but spoke calmly. The word “effort” was addressed and I thought I put a lot of more than effort in my past jobs I was all in for this one. It became clear if you don’t do your part you’re gone or people just gave up? Hmmm? I knew I had an excellent chance, I was willing…The interview went well I was excited because I had the knowledge, experience and abundance of expendable energy. Ready! Wait! What? Another interview? Then the fear set in. What else is there to talk about? So, the third interview came – I was nervous. She tried to put me at ease, no questions were about the job but operations, organization, mostly about her and her work ethic. I was able to relate to her of starting from the bottom as an assistant and I started as a receptionist so long ago. The conversation was about how interact with others, but not so much :).

I didn’t hear anything else about the job for about two weeks and I made up my mind after one week of not hearing anything that it wasn’t for me and I was going to let it be what it is – I stressed over it, but once I released all the sadness I let it go. After two weeks I was back in the running. At the fourth interview the talk was pretty quick. She was calm – our conversation felt like it was over coffee, simple and to the point. Simple does not mean easy, but the questions were relatable to what I was already working on and a few psychological questions about adaptability. Finally, some clarification of the process and final decision. I was able to put my mind to rest when I was told the fifth interview was forthcoming LOL! Over the years as I got older I learned to wait and let the process reveal itself. I was going to have to be patient which at 30 years old that would’ve been tough for me.

The final interview came, very procedural, stayed on task, nothing financial, but do I fit in? Very much like me as a youngster. It is a job where you interact with MD’s, very super intelligent personalities and I have to be able to adapt. Nothing is personal – the end goal is support to save lives. I’m IN! Even though I was given the indication from this final interview that I might not have a chance I knew she was calling bluff because the last four interviews gave me every indication they made up their mind it was me. I’m the person they were looking for. And I did I GOT THE JOB. I don’t say it to boast, but as they all looked at my resume they weren’t interested in my experience, but a go-getter and not someone that would give up, adapt and personable. All the Best!

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