Manic Monday – 5/15/23

Hello, I hope everyone is doing okay!

It’s a catastrophe! The assumptions that people make that you already know what your role is without explaining it. I mention it to not complain, but I can’t believe this still happens. WOW! What a manic Monday it was for me. I got on to review the analysis of several projects for later distribution to the budget owner. Unexpectedly my supervisor began to question me about several steps I failed to review during my analysis.

She kept going on and on about accountability and the importance of getting things done correctly. I am not sure I should ask. I have to know how its all supposed to flow and tie back financially to several reports. After about thirty minutes of her discussing the urgency of it all in her loud tone…”Boss, this is news to me. I was not instructed by you or anyone else to analyze the distribution, funding of effort and/or payroll. Do you mind explaining it? I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt you earlier.” You could tell in her face that she felt small and went ahead and explained the process with no apology.

After the training I received I began to start the third round of analyzing the same projects for the same budget owner, but hey who’s counting the number of times you forget to explain the process or hold yourself accountable. Oh, that’s not relevant. LOL! I didn’t need to say anything thereafter because what is obvious needs not to be addressed. All the Best!

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