Friday Reflection – Week of Self-Doubt – 5/12/23

Hello, I hope everyone is doing okay!

Uff! Tough week full of self-doubt. Why do I do this to myself? I have a lot of effort into healing, and I just fell right back into the trapped mindset. I was confused and questioned whether I could do this job. I am out of my comfort zone. A lot of emotions of the past came back.

Luckily, Wednesday I started over and small going back to my roots of doing research. My co-worker called me and I reviewed a lot of what I researched with her. I took a big step of explaining the workflow and in the midst of reviewing something just clicked. I can’t even explain it, a sudden burst of things making sense. I guess I had a brain fart! LOL! I doubted my power and my potential. I put my own self at ease.

At the beginning of the week, I had thoughts of not wanting to get hurt like I have in the past. I realize that I do have what it takes, I’m no longer in a bad position and I ended the week content. I can do this! I am okay. I have to pay attention to the small things to understand the bigger picture. Balance is key, I faced my own doubts head-on and broke through this doubt. All the Best!

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