Faith is a Struggle – 5/3/23

Hello, I hope everyone is doing okay!

A lot of my struggles have been because I didn’t have faith in God and myself. As a kid no one knew that I went to church. I wasn’t aware of the importance. I only attended church because of my loving uncle who I miss so much. My memories are vivid of his unconditional love, his generosity and teaching me a valuable lesson of forgiveness – it’s gotten me through some very tough times. I didn’t know any better. My uncle definitely played and continues to play a big part of my life.

I spent over one decade of nothing going right for me. I now understand that once I lost faith is when I lost my uncle, I lost faith in God and lost faith in myself. I do sin, I try no to, but it’s difficult. At times I want revenge from the people that hurt me. The pastor spoke about faith at church on 4/30/23. It was an amazing message of faith. Seek God, pray from the heart, obey by doing good deeds without expecting anything in return. Have hope for everything you ask God for and believe he gave his life for us. My faith is strong through good and bad. I have some guidance on how to keep the faith through good and bad.

It took small steps of prayer and releasing it all to God and asking for his support. I believe good things happen and they did. I don’t talk about the good deeds I do. I spend time around the positive and go through the bad emotions and problems hoping for good to come from it. I have grown a lot spiritually the last four years. The first step was to walk away of who I am not, be myself and let go of the people who only take from me both in my professional and personal life. I consistently check myself to keep the faith and talk to God. All the Best!

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