Bringing up old wounds – 5/4/23

I am happy for the former co-workers. I became aware today that management at my old job have changed for the better due to the recent departure of two of us having left our jobs abruptly. The change came at my cost and experience. My departure was due to the lack of support and delayed in processing my work to reach my goals for my projects.

“I left my boss, not the job.” Apparently my story has served them all well and the understanding and support is now present for them. Why did it have to be me? Why was I the only to step up and speak out? No one else commented on the what was going on. The recent new hires were welcomed with a party, I received pictures of the welcome, not sure of the intention. I was the one who dealt with the most drama, speak up and move on. I guess I was an easy target as my kindness was taken for a weakness. I knew I wasn’t going to achieve the goals set out for the job. Their story wasn’t matching my work actions. Their attempt to paint a picture of being busy wasn’t much for my high work productivity. My work told my story.

I do wish them all the best and I’m glad management changed. I am at a better place. It’s sad that it was me who went through it all. I have had better days after though. I am lucky!

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