Pause for Change 4/30/23

I hope everyone is doing okay!

I started to think on what I should continue to focus on because after I cheered for a lot of people throughout the years and all I’ve done for others I realized I should focus on myself and fill my cup before I can even consider helping again. I feel I spent my time on repeat. Repeatedly spent time dealing with people’s misery, they sure love the company! I listened to my competition attentively – crazy right! And went off and stole my ideas.

Fear and doubt surrounded me a lot. I put myself in that mindset for so long. Taking a pause from everyone helped me to see it had nothing to do with me. Taking a pause and away from everyone was the first step in the change. I am no longer in the presence of negative mind sets. Why doubt myself when I have done the work and why was I even afraid to jump into something new? I talked myself out of things because of someone else’s negative self-talk and thinking that the same would happen to me.

It has been a while that I began to pay attention to the energy changes once I stepped away, focused on the good, motivating people and books, be in the present, not the past. I work out to clear my mind, Zumba and I have been attending church, meditate, began my crystal collection, mostly important to be in positive environments and people including de-clutter. One day at a time I make small changes that make me feel good. I have done a lot of work on myself and my energy and will continue to do so to see all the sweetness of it all. All the Best!

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