Friday Reflection – 4/28/23

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

I want to reflect on this week. It was a slow week, but I appreciate the time allotted to be able to understand the background of these projects and be included in how the financial updates are complete. Two good things happened this week that I like to comment about this organization.

One, we had a team building session to get to know each other and be cognizant of how we work, and we are all able to connect with each other. The amount of positivity surrounding everyone and this organization despite not yet being able to do all the tasks on my own is great. The motivation spills over and I am remaining patient as I navigate through the processes.

Two, the big boss recognized all administrative professionals and acknowledged that a lot of times our work and lives we forget to stop and thank each other for the role we play in supporting all the project work.

Now, I understand the interview process and the reasoning behind why they interview the way they do. It doesn’t have to be formal, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. They wanted to know about me. I’m liking this, All the Best!

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