“Colors” Team Building – 4/26/23

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing okay.

We had a team building session this afternoon at work. I am still fairly new to the job, and I am finally expressing myself and am allowed to do so. I am coming out of my shell! I fit in! I sat with quite a few people that understood my journey or are going through the same things I am. A “tribe” group of people that feel and think like me. It was great.

Our team building session was called “Colors”. I completed a survey that provided us with our primary and secondary colors. I sat with the blues first – like-minded people and had the chance to write down our values, joys, strengths and needs. It was nice to sit with people that understood me and thought like me. On the other hand, we also had the opportunity to react and ask questions of the others that did not have blue as a primary color. Green was second for me, gold and then orange. It was upbeat and I learned a lot of about myself and the reason why so many with the color blue work here is because of our passion and support. I felt like I belong here.

I didn’t think my supervisor is the color orange which is risky and don’t work from procedures, very independent. And now that I understand I know how to adjust and adapt. That’s really good to know and understand each other. You take a different approach, collaborate and cognizant of what our strengths are. Good day! All the Best!

It takes each color to do something great together.

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