Making Friends at Work – 4/21/23

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing okay!

It was tough to make friends as a child for me because of the childhood trauma. But it is difficult to make friends as you get older. My mindset was not into partying all the time, the topics spoken were not of my interest and I did not trust people in general. In my thirties it no longer mattered to me. I ended with putting up a wall to protect myself. There were good and bad friends, and I only pushed them all away.

No one really gave me any good vibes or had common interests nor were they interested in hanging out with me. I was concerned with surviving rather than having a good time. Focused on working full-time and paying for college. I did make friends in the workplace to only discontinue the friendship after I moved on. The most unexpected of co-workers do continue to stay in touch with me. I have been ghosted, lied to, but it now doesn’t deter me from making friends. You learn how to not let it hurt so much, some get complicated and now you know to set up boundaries or release them. You ultimately want to keep people around that are positive and supportive no matter where or when you meet them.

Today I met Christine, she was the one who approached me and suggested a walk and coffee. What a wonderful idea she had, and I welcomed it. We connected and I thanked her. I’m excited because she’s the total opposite of me. I needed a pick-me-up of emotions today and she lifted my spirit. I look forward to the walk and coffee. All the Best!

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