I am at PEACE with my PAST. – 4/25/23

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing okay.

I am at peace with who I have become. I had no chance as a kid – my future looked bleak. My self-reliance in conjunction with my perseverance were instrumental in my growth. My heart is no longer broken. I left all the hurt behind. I am finally opening up and really jumping into something really new. Using my skillset, wisdom and traveling this new journey is no longer scary because it’s only to do good.

I hope to inspire and motivate, to partner with, to achieve our goals together. I take a look at what I’m doing now and I realize I couldn’t have gotten here if I had given up. I understand my past struggles because I learned that I wouldn’t have become me today. I am a beginner, again, but with persistence and practice I can achieve my goals. I have come out of my comfort zone to do something potentially incredible in support of the vulnerable.

I feel happy, safe and balanced. I am different – I just wasn’t fit for any other place. I have become a mother to myself that I did not have – not because my mom didn’t want to, she just didn’t know how to. I found myself. I don’t regret my past, but I forgive it and am forgiven. All the Best!

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