“A Wolf in the Circus?” – 3/31/23

Hello all, hope all is okay with everyone!

I finally get around to post again – YAY! I worked hard and didn’t see much growth as they saw me growing and achieving many expectations of the job, both began to attempt to slow me down, keep me stagnant. My work was not being approved and processed after so much time of researching to clear balances. I began to see that my achievements in my role were affecting two people. Have you ever seen a wolf at a circus? This is how I felt in this role. I had to be clever and took away a lot of time from my true focus at work.

These two people and their message to others was contradictory to my productivity and both women rather take me down than work alongside with me to achieve our goals. I started to see the truth – the truth of keeping me delayed and late with my work. They both didn’t want me to be successful on my own because it didn’t match their lies. I saw the writing on the wall. I knew I wouldn’t be able to be successful in my role if I continued to attempt to work with them. Then I started to look around and take the leap to break away from this stagnant cycle. The plans I had to reach certain goals of my position would not have worked out for me. They didn’t attempt to even compete with me, but really take me down. I finally saw that they wanted me to fail.

I stepped out and away from these bullies. I could no longer focus on the goals of my job. I changed my circumstance to get away from this toxic environment. I GREW! They were both in my face the whole time and I didn’t notice before until recently. These people I left were complacent and I tried to innovate my position and I was met with resistance. I didn’t fail, I just chose to create elsewhere. All the Best!

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