I QUIT MY JOB! – 3/14/23

Hello everyone, hope all is okay!

My kindness was taken for a weakness. Yet I am still treated less than despite all the work and time I volunteered to support others, their projects and input. I shine bright and these people only try to dim it even though we work in silos. Our style of work is very different, hasn’t been easy and the disregard continues of my contribution and value. I went through a tough phase, passed and now I’m moving on.

I am moving on to create elsewhere. I had a lot to think about whether to continue with them at their request when things still happen that continue the attempts to break me down. Now they want to make it right and when I said something I was ignored. I’m still working hard, they are still taking my time, pressing me to complete the work with no breaks, stressing me out all while going through my own personal health issue too. I want to give up. They continue to the end to bleed all my energy. It’s a reminder of one of the reasons why I quit in the first place. No one heard me – no one hears me – I give too much away of myself.

I pray to God for motivation because I cannot motivate myself now, I’m broken. I’m running, suffering and crying inside – alone. I need to get back to myself. All the Best!

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