The Challenging Energies I’m Facing – 3/1/23

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well!

I have not had a chance to post a blog, but I’m back. I miss posting, but I do write in my journal. I love writing. I have to express my feelings to release them and move on. These energies are crashing like waves at me, getting attacked with fire, and the lightning is burning me with emotions. I’m trying to fight back all the situations coming at me all at once – full force. I cannot fall prey to their unprofessionalism or feel guilty for personal situations.

The month has started with my friend of ten years just ruining his life and I am not going to be a part of it. It struck me like lightning finding out he was into illegal things. I was able to get out of bad situations on my own in the past and my family comes first now. My boss threw fire at me, he was beginning to become critical of my work, but as usual I do my due diligence – backing down and I ended the day with waves of interviews and no offers. I cannot give up; something will turn up for me. A co-worker was having a bad day and I just happen to be the one to call at the wrong time.

I have to stay grounded and stable. I cannot give my energy away, it’s not worth the time to give into these emotions. I’m not sure what is happening to people? All the Best!

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