My Brand – 2/9/23

I hope all is well with everyone!

Over the years I questioned myself of how I can create my brand? I did over time make a list of things that have worked for me to be successful in the positions I’ve held or during interviews since I have been interviewing a lot lately. I’m a lifelong learner. I like to learn about different things, but if I lose interest, I let it go.

I’m a fan of a variety of tools to support my memory with writing things down, creating checklists that I can reference back to for protocol. I can recall things after I write them down in support of passing my ideas along or discuss during interviews of things I accomplished or implemented. Despite my position I think like a leader, proactive and attempt to anticipate the unknown. I try to stay a step ahead by picking up on things that others might not. This prepares me for tight deadlines – even when I don’t need to be prepared, I consistently prepare if any opportunities come up to streamline processes or create better business practices. I try to find patterns, understand them and update where possible. I mastered my skillset of multi-tasking allowing me to be unshakable. My imagination runs wild, and my creativity doesn’t expire.

Things don’t come natural, I practice. All the Best!

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