Girl – Work Talk – 4/28/23

I hope everyone is doing okay!

I have been a little behind posting, but I love writing in my journal because I have quick access to it. It’s Friday night and I’m sitting up in my bed just had uploaded my “Friday Reflection” post. The hubby and I took our son to get t-shirts to do an iron-on of Mario bros print. A text came in from my former co-worker who is now my friend. She is a very genuine and always sincere since I’ve known her back in 2018. It did come to mind I should be more like her, but our childhoods were different and that matters in how it shapes you.

“ZC” and I hit it off immediately because we were able to relate to the same experiences throughout the years of having bad jobs. I expressed to her my decision to move and accept yet another job for my own sanity and to have the time my son deserves. The previous job was beginning to creep into my personal and weekend including having to deal with two bullies.

“ZC” really put it into perspective for me. “Take advantage of your son’s young years. Don’t worry about work so much because that pressure is difficult to get over, you won’t enjoy and will miss those precious years of your child and when you have had enough, burnt out and mentally drained you will feel worst having missed out and left thinking where those years went?! It happened to me and now I focus on what I have remaining of my own to enjoy. Don’t jeopardize what’s important – it’s not worth it.” And with her comment I leave it at that. All the Best!

A daisy dedicated to my friend “ZC”

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