Your Ally’s – 2/17/23

Hope all is well with everyone!

Do you know who your ally’s are? Who supports you? Do you trust them? Today was a reminder of the reason why my perspective has changed about the people I let in my inner circle. Someone really close to me thought their co-worker was loyal and trustworthy – she broke the trust over something so petty. It leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth and you begin to wonder who else you are going to have to cut, and you begin to question who has earned to be in your inner circle. It’s another reminder for me that I cannot let people close too soon and placing boundaries is important.

The toxicity that one person can bring over something so small – could’ve been handled differently. You realized that you don’t belong and never got the invitation to become a part of the inner circle. My family treated you like a sister and allowed you into our life. The clicks at work don’t stop – thought I left that back ten years ago! These are fully grown adults acting like they are still in high school. I recall when I met her – your thoughts were, “I’m the leader, I’m popular and I’m everything to these people.” Not with me, I saw right through that facade. That loud, flirty, vivacious and open-hearted smile that attracts everyone to you. You are good, but not great. You act interested. Your personality rocks in front of everyone, you walk and are loyal to the “kings click.” You are a “king” because you are in the circle – despite someone else having earned the crown for you, you only carry it, and everything comes easy. I’m not part of that generational click. We earned and own our own with effort and perseverance. Our legacy that continues is that of hard work and we’re better people for it, I’m silent, I prefer the shadow, but I won’t allow anyone to dim my light.

I’m glad my family saw you for who you really are, you don’t deserve to be in our circle – you have not earned it. And like this we cut the cord and move on. You won’t wonder and won’t ask why because we’re little people to you. The “REAL” you was exposed today. All the Best!

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