Last Week’s Hustle – Was Yours Like Mine? – 1/24/23

Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well!

I don’t know about you, but last week was charged (Jan 16th -Jan 20th) – despite a short work week. I felt like I worked over a week straight through, whew!! The pressure was on and felt like a bad karmic cycle. I overate from the stress. My mood was affected by the lack of no notification, email, no communication of being given a new project. I can only assume that I have to guess if not ask?

I was making every attempt not to let it affect my emotional state and not allow it to take space in my mind, but one thing after another happened. The communication is lacking, I have to ask or I get information from outside my department that I’ve been assigned a project. These are “gurus” people that know everything and cannot get out of their box and communicate with others on new strategies or action to take on matter like system glitches. It takes them days and me expressing to give up to get someone to acknowledge and share that I have options on how to navigate through those glitches and/or invoices fixes. What?! I’m so frustrated.

Writing has really helped to ease some of this stress. I try not to show my weaknesses, but I’m glad I didn’t give up and showed up for myself. I took the weekend to detox the negative vibes. My self-care routines are important. All the Best!

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