The Speculation of Me – 1/5/23

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

For the past year I have been going head to head with my team and I didn’t even know it. Gradually I was winning over the crowd! My pay parity was the first clue that told me they weren’t sure if I could do the job or not. Now that they had time to meet me they were being convinced and stopped speculating by making fair my pay parity versus my colleagues! I wasn’t taken aback by their comments, judgement or the whispering.

I am ambitious and sometimes an overachiever, it’s not a bad thing because I compete with myself – no one else. I was bold and I pushed myself, kept myself motivated and in high spirit. After exceeding expectations at work and watching them time and time again showing me that my work ethic was exactly what they expected plus some, I received two raises and a yearly raise. I was obviously being paid way below the average. It certainly raised my eyebrow… They are now convinced that I did what I said I could do.

All of a sudden after people not talking to me for a whole year were interested in me and began to talk to me, unknowingly we have a lot of things in common. There is a balance of good and bad energy. I continue to shine my light even though at times there is an attempt to dim it. I’m not always happy, but I certainly don’t put blame on anyone else. There are boundaries, a mutual respect by most of us. What I don’t understand is why would someone take me as an overachiever a threat? It makes the group look good. It’s not competing, but keeping me silent and small is not working. Now I am speculating, should I stay or should I go? All the Best!

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