Time to Go/No Fear – 12/24/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

It’s time to move on. I recognize that my idea has nine lives! My patience and intuition are spot on to take this last shot and follow my dreams. I do have the wisdom and vision to bring things to reality, no longer hide and step into my true path. I hung in there, matured and made progress.

I took a look at where I am now, what is in my mind, my ideas, my passion and if my goals are doable. I am challenging myself to do better. I’m stagnant and I am no longer aligning with my heart, body and soul to achieve my goals. It’s time for change and cannot have fear to manifesting into the next level. Moving forward will make me happier than where I sit currently now. The time I stepped away has given me a lot of clarity, retrospection and re-evaluate.

This person continues to attempt and dim, have to get away. A pattern that has continued for a couple months already. I am not fulfilled and no longer excited what I am doing because I am not growing professionally. It’s time. Time to go. All the Best!

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