Find the Positive Each Day – 12/24/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

I realize that my light shining bright does push people away. It drives people away because they themselves are not in a good spot. They stay away and I do notice even though they might think I don’t notice, I do. The negative energy doesn’t serve me so I learned the lesson to ignore it – I won’t carry it with me. The negative behavior and mentality doesn’t match mine, it drives and keeps anyone away.

Being closed off and in a silo will not teach anyone the lesson to be learned, able to see things from a new perspective or accept good vibes from others. They remain stuck and don’t believe their life or energy can be a positive one. We should constantly replenish our energy with love and compassion for ourselves first. How can we see others in a new light if we don’t lift ourselves up?

Each day I wake up I am grateful for being able to open my eyes and start a new day, new page and thankful for the wonderful things surrounding me. Even if I’m faced with challenges I ask for support and that I am able to find solutions. Don’t focus on the past or the situation, but always moving forward. Self-care, exercise and meditation really do help to shine a bright light. All the Best!

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