Facing Obstacles – 12/19/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

I have learned to grow mentally. I’m re-wiring mentally to let go of doubts and feeling stagnant. Why someone not believe that what I do is important? Despite whether it’s a task I like to do or not I got it done and it’s been since November 11th and she still has not yet approved my forms?! That’s insane! I maintained my composure, annoying, but not hurtful. Why not let me be successful in my position?

I am not able to move forward with this particular task – should I just sit there and do nothing until she signs and approves the thirteen forms? That’s all she has to do. She’s testing me mentally and trying to play games with my mind. I’m too old and tired to pay attention to child’s play. I’m patient. She wants to see me break so I went on vacation. She will not trigger me and get a reaction because I do have the support of others. I passed, released the stagnant mentality. My mental fortitude just got stronger, new day, new page. Let go – less go!

My performance evaluation has been completed and I put on there everything I created and completed – shined my light bright. She knew it was coming and I’m sure part of keeping me stagnant was to hurt my performance. She can keep trying I’m just going to keep moving forward. Back to work. All the Best!

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