I Quit Early Today – 12/16/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

For the past three weeks I have been stagnant. Work has been slow for the first time in a little over a year for me. I took this opportunity to clean up some old open invoices, doing accounts receivable research that has taken me hours just to put one packet together, get it signed and off to financial accounting to clear any balances. These open invoices are from back in 2020. There is one person holding my work and being able to accomplish this task.

A lot of effort has gone into just clearing one invoice of many and I have only completed twelve (12) in three weeks. I am trying to be proactive in clearing a lot of old items that were just left by people before me. The feeling of stagnation comes from putting in all this time to clear my to-do list for my supervisor to just ignore my work. I understand she might have a lot going on, but don’t put aside what I think is important to me. She agreed and took on the responsibility of supervisor and so whether you like to do a task or not my work also should not be taken lightly or ignored. I have a job to do and she is not allowing me to be successful in my position. It has left me thinking since it’s not urgent to her then it’s not at all. Since November 11th I have waited…with no response on for the reason why I’m waiting or I’m too busy!

I quit at noon today to reflect on my next move. I’m glad I took a step back because I decided to shine my light brighter. It’s time for action. This time my requests won’t be one at a time, but a wave that she can’t ignore. I’m not the type to quit. It’s time to push forward. All the Best!

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