A Boss – 12/10/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well.

A thought came to mind to talk about the role as a boss. This comes from watching others on how they either control or are hands-off. If you micromanage someone you will not get any or little productivity and if you are hands-off then they will take advantage and won’t follow the rules hence affecting everyone on the team. Challenges are guaranteed.

Reaction is what may make or break your reputation. Your actions or non-action you will be known for. It’s the walk that you take – not in front or behind, but the walk you take with your team. Titles and money won’t matter. Don’t be unrealistic and/or demanding – it will only turn people away. Strive to be a leader.

A leader does not see things through a hierarchy mindset. Don’t take charge of things – don’t be in charge, but take care of those that charge the front line every day so that they can in return take care of the business. It’s much happier this way. All the best!

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