Gaining Confidence – 11/19/22

Hello everyone! I hope all is well!

“There’s a spring in my step.” It’s brewing, you feel a little fire, you feel creative, the call you needed, good news. It’s a very positive – excited energy. You are feeling better, something is working out for you. The waiting is over on something you are working on and it’s working for you at work or your personal life. I cannot put into words the amazing feeling I’m having right now – happy, grateful and blessed.

The happiest I’ve been in my career. After putting a lot of myself into my work I got a raise, the tide has turned and riding with me, not against me. It looks bright right now. I’m on vacation and spending time to self-care, with family. I’m dedicating some time to heal internally and refill my energy back to full. I’m slowing down gracefully.

After almost one year of putting a lot of energy I was graciously rewarded for it. I’m about to start Year 2 at my job. Year 1 ended with achievement, on a good note. Now I am going to begin to focus on being effective because I spent almost the whole year working to build my confidence of do’s and don’ts. It’s a blur now if I’m asked how I did it. I’ll have to look at my notes. God is favoring me. I have everything I need and it’s lovely. All the Best!

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