10/30/22 At Church this Sunday – Are you Fair?

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

I felt my week was busy and non-stop with headaches and running around and not only taking care of my family, but civic duty as well. The pastor once again was talking about using my time wisely because there will be some days that are evil. (overwhelmed and busy) I have to serve and contribute to society. It’s my responsibility to also be productive and give back even if it’s a small way, but above it all be fair.

I went to jury duty this past week and I was asked questions regarding whether you evict someone that has had a hardship and they can’t pay their lease? You signed the contract that you can stay as long as you make your payment otherwise you get put out. Simple, but not. Co-VID and other health circumstances affect the situation.

I believe in being fair and allowing a person options if they have a good history of paying on time, consistent. Support the tenant with paying options, both parties can find resources, it’s not just one-sided, but majority falls on the tenant because the agreement does say the tenant will pay. Each side should consider editing the agreement also. There are resources to support the tenant with financial assistance too. If the tenant refuses to apply for assistance it is note worthy too. A lawsuit is fair only if the options have been exhausted.

Why is it the tenant feels entitled to do nothing if the tenant signed the contract to pay? Why is it that as a business we will not go above and beyond for a tenant that has paid and been a good tenant?

I say always with your heart first, it’s a give and take on both ends. There is an answer between the two parties and not through a lawsuit. Just my opinion. All the Best!

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