“Quiet Quitting” – 11/06/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

I have been watching so many people exit the workforce. It’s astounding that after the pandemic so many people that were retired eligible but were still working just called it quits. I can understand that after putting so may hours in – being the first in the door and the last to turn off the lights is no longer working toward the promotion. Doing the most work of the group no longer is “popular”. Promoting now is who you know. Promoting your friend is a trend.

After doing everything I was asked to do, the extra work and helping out nothing got me promoted. I was passed on for positions that I knew I would be able to take on and lead well. People are being paid the same salary as I with no experience. Today, nothing is different. People continue to do the minimum, don’t work hard. Since I’m not retired eligible, I changed how much time I put in and for whom. I do what I can – put in my time and get off. My personal time and my family are more important. I disconnect completely. I do the work that I’m paid to do, but no more, no less. There are very few times now I go above and beyond anymore. Lessons learned. I do place my effort on someone that wants to learn.

I don’t work like before while my colleagues are on Netflix or YouTube. Unfortunately, I sit in front of the principal’s office (not a school). Even so people still watch me, they are curious and don’t understand how I work – do so much with so little time. If you want to know – ask; they won’t – they just keep looking. Stare. I’ll leave it there; my next topic might be working effectively. All the Best!

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