First Time I Bring my Journal @ Church – 10/23/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

I decided to bring my journal to church. My juices are flowing, it’s amazing! I always, in the back of my mind thought to come back to church and here I am. I was angry at God because the Almighty took the unconditional love and security at the age of 7 years old. He was a father figure to me. He took me to church, my generosity and my good heart I owe to him. He was able to handle all 5 of us on his own, each Sunday morning going and returning to church.

I wouldn’t have been able to grow if I didn’t walk this path on my own of learning – with him watching over me. The pastor says, “God empower us to flee from sinning temptations, we choose to sin, but we can also stop it. If unchecked sin will grow out of control. ” You don’t have to be ugly to anyone because we all sin, but you also can’t hang out with toxic and immoral. It took me a long time to be at peace and happy, to work on myself and each day I wake up and start new and try not to sin. I value walking with God. I value me, my family and the people that support me. I won’t look the other way – I will try to help, but I also know the boundary not to cross. I know the difference and have to have a limit on how much effort to provide help. Helping someone should not hurt. I’m no one to judge my only attempt is to try and restore faith in myself and anyone who needs it and/or asks for it. Be gracious, not judgmental. I hope you walk with God.

I’m glad I brought my journal to church. I understand a lot and I am now getting the answers I need. It’s incredible. My faith and the almighty are really looking over me. Thank you, Jesus Christ, for bringing me back to where I started as a young girl. Another great message. All the Best!

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