A Little Bit of Energy – 11/05/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

I feel the burn! I am burnt out. I’ve been on the “go” for a while now. I knew I needed to slow down, but I didn’t listen to myself, to my body. Between work and my personal to-do list, mostly work it’s been hectic. My mind began to shut down and I couldn’t focus any longer. Even the smallest things on my to-do list were bothering me when it didn’t bother me before.

I had to reset my brain, start over. What is that I do have control over? What do I appreciate, am grateful for and love to do that can raise my vibration because I was feeling down – and complaining. I had the best rest and I realized I have to live here and now. What is in the past; it’s gone – tomorrow is not here yet. What fulfills me now? I spoke up and my best friend listened. This morning I was feeling better, a good day. I am breathing deeply, and my heart is open. I am in a good spot. I have it all. One thing at a time – one step at a time. I understand I should be kind to myself. Adapt without compromising what is important to me is my personal time and my own (family). I feel like I built up a little energy – blogging this piece. All the best!

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