Investing in Others – 10/29/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

They are learning from me as well as I am learning from them. I appreciate the opportunity to make a change. They couldn’t do it on their own and I took the reins. I am learning, but I’m also showing my ability to take appropriate action. My experience and wisdom have proven time and time again that I am trustworthy, and my willpower has gotten things done.

I have given a lot of myself this month for the benefit of others. My emotional balance and breaking barriers that others haven’t been able to break were my strength this month of October 2022. There is no charisma at work, no emotions and understanding are necessary to put together a great team. You have to be able to adjust your tone to be able to talk to the different personalities, to lead with passion. The incentive to recruit is to show people that they will be successful because you care, no one is left behind. Connecting and understanding is crucial to recruiting now. It’s now about right here, right now – it’s about where you want to be and what steps are you willing to take.

If I knew then what I know now I would’ve done a lot more, but I’m on the right path and I know I will get there – I just took the long way. I shouldn’t have been silent and had confidence in myself. I bring that out of others now. If you don’t take that leap of faith now and move forward courageously, learn everything in between – you will not do it and waste time. Change and elevating is powerful – brings purpose. I still deal with people that are half-ass. I am ORIGINAL. I try to BE SO GOOD, they have no other choice, but to change. Now, I am going to take a step back for self-care. All the Best!

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