Affecting Change – 10/21/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

I have gained clarity. No one was able to or may not have wanted to provide the necessary details to be successful at my job. I do, at times, have felt that information has been withheld whether intentional or unintentional I figured out how to restructure and figured out my own process and freely was able to beat my own record at financial reporting. “Slow and steady, wins the race.” I feel good. I compete with myself only.

I restructured myself and reviewed my work and streamlined it to make sense for me. My eyes are wide open. I feel comfortable in my work that I asked to take on a new challenge, if not, it’s okay. I’m happy with the changes that I have made right now. It’s feels as if I’m preparing myself for what might come. I’m thinking ahead. I think of doing things that I have not seen anyone else do. I have to find time to create and write down my own “administrative manual”. This is not new to me, if no one else has thought about it, then I have and I have made a “checklist.” I feel accomplished at this. I’m satisfied that I am able to do my due diligence. My work is rocking right now. I’m proud and blessed of the work and relationships. I don’t want to become too comfortable either where I’m not learning anything anymore. I want to start something new or be busy.

I’m sure I do the same amount of work as the others, and I get paid less because I’m still fairly new compared to others. I also have a limit too. I put in a lot of effort, but I’m positive about my path. I’m doing me and on fire. All the best!

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