At Church on Sunday – 10/13/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

Attending church brings back really good memories of my childhood and the pastor has incredible messages that make sense to me, very logical and practical. God is not a joke – he gives us everything, family, love, friendships and money. I am successful and self-made by the grace of God, and I am grateful for that.

God chose to birth me and thrive. My spirit and service to the almighty is first because in the end I will be judged and will answer to him only. It will be between God and I, NOT God, I and everyone else or thing. I serve with humility, less arrogance and less pride. God is worth it. The almighty endured suffering for us. Why do we want everything, and we don’t want it to cost us anything? I will take it all on in favor of God. He saved my life by sacrificing his. I am not a victim because someone else has it worse than me.

I will try to do my part to dedicate what I have remaining on this earth to be a good citizen, mother, wife, sister and co-worker. I AM because of GOD. All the best!

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