Coming out of the Dark, Into the Light @ Work- 10/18/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

What is your mindset? Despite a tough week at work, I find something at the end of the week that was a WIN for me. Progress and small steps are victories for me, “slow and steady-wins the race.” Accept what has already occurred no need to re-hash. Do one thing at a time and shift your focus to the next. Don’t think about it and just start doing.

Breathing and taking breaks in between tasks helps to get your normal back. I learned not to put emotion into what you’re doing because if your mindset it being negative you will get stuck. I play music and work at the beat of the drums! Shift your focus to prioritize from urgent down to what you can leave to the end of the week or month? If you can’t complete something and you’re just not getting it – if it’s not due, shift from it and shift back – give it a shot again the next day. You will see clear – it will come to you. Don’t feel or think scarce, you lose focus and your mind, body and soul misalign. You disconnect from what you are working on or maybe get off your path with insignificant and unhealthy thoughts. Scarcity will stop you from moving and shifting. When you force action, you will only feel burdened and stressed.

I love checklists and take notes. Review, reassess, re-evaluate. Balancing and putting effort into the things that will help you grow and that you know. Where our awareness goes, our energy flows and if you spend time on things that don’t help you elevate, time is wasted. Your feelings of happiness and confidence trigger inspiration, so positivity is of the essence too – creating action, you make things happen. You feel free. Surround yourself with people or create a space with happiness. Remember, one day at a time. All the Best!

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