Conquering my Emotions – 10/11/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

To reach a calm state of mind has taken a lot of will power. I have released and left surroundings that were toxic for me. I am still working on and will continue to work on my highest vibration, staying positive despite the difficult situation I am facing and will face – I’ve learned to receive them and respond accordingly of facing them from a different perspective. More than not, I have faced plenty in the past and I am prepared to go to battle for what will come next.

I often have been in fight or flight mode with both work and personal relationships. I was left on my own, isolated, faced explaining and justifying my work actions when my boss was sitting in front of me and didn’t support me when I was verbally given a directive and out of fear didn’t defend or speak up for myself. In essence, I learned to have things documented. I often was anxious and stressed that led to me overreacting too. Mentally I was deteriorating. For ten years it thundered in my mind constantly because I also had personal relationships that were not healthy taking my time, energy and money. I was chasing a relationship that never even began in the other person’s mind. I was lost and couldn’t find my way. The one thing I never did was let myself go. I am strong and faced my struggles head-on.

With help I learned to deal with my emotions. I learned to nip things in the bud if I felt trouble brewing. Beginning with my psychology course and doing exercises thereafter I began to be serene, calm and I forced myself to speak up. I began to look at thing with optimism. Once I took control mentally things started turning for me. People that pushed me around and pushed my buttons were no longer doing it. I outgrew a lot of toxic and negative people becoming stable, safe and that was my power. I got tired of being silent and sad. I woke up one day and took the first step to rebuild mentally. The only people who embraced me after walking away and start over, my family. I started strong.

The environment I work in now is being forced to re-think their strategy and their mind set is changing. I haven’t worked one year; I have worked on myself while working for 20+. All the best!

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