The Thing About Micromanaging – 10/8/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

After twenty-plus (20+) years in the workforce I’ve seen and reported to many management styles. Not one is the answer, but the combination and balanced along with fairness is my style. Know when to use each. What I do know is the micromanagement style has a lot to do with the person’s personal experience of “I was treated this way so I’m going to treat them the same way too.” I studied and read on leadership vs. management, and they are not the same. But let’s stick to the topic of micromanage.

Teams are destroyed by managers lack knowledge on how to recruit, treat, retain and incentivize teams. I’m seeing this now that led me to talk about the topic. Attitude means a lot. If you can’t maintain the right attitude during important or difficult discussions, there will be competition and chaos. There are boundaries and rules to follow and not allow your staff to be your friends so much that others follow the rules at work and the rules don’t apply to your friends. Trust and loyalty, why hire me if you are not going to trust that I can do my job? And don’t let me fall on my own when “we” make a mistake. We’re all adults, you don’t have to “check in” on me – if I have a question or need help, I will ask. Don’t check my time or pace to see what I’m working on. I’m at my desk.

I want to quit because:

  • Isolate me from the team and my co-workers – abandoned – no information sharing
  • Only talk about your agenda topics – the ones that only affect your arena
  • You let me get stuck and let me stay there forcing me to ask elsewhere or figure it out on my own.
  • You confuse me when I ask for an explanation of the reason why I’m doing something

I can’t be successful in my job if you don’t focus on supporting me. I don’t need 15 minutes to talk about what I’m working on, but I do need 15 minutes of applying what you’re passionate about to build a competent team. “You can’t be successful on your own.” For those of you who need to hear. All the best!

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