What I Call Challenges – 10/6/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

The challenges I’m being faced with now are preparing me to elevate to the next phase. I’ve had to go through so much work and stress already, some heartache. I’m gaining strength and experience. It gets tough before it gets better, it’s preparation.

Until today I feel like I’m still in battle. A lot during my time has been caused on to me and some myself. I have found courage from it all and I can’t even begin to explain it. I guess from the desperation and persistence the result was courage. Everything I have earned, endured emotional times, silently. No one listened and/or I didn’t tell anyone. Even as a child I felt like a salmon swimming against the current, not jumping on anyone’s bandwagon. I walked and talked my own. It was a non-stop struggle to get ahead. I ask myself WHY so many times.

Is there something I still need to learn? I look unbothered on the outside, but I’m sad inside. Is there something better enroute? Is my full potential still being developed because I feel like I have faced everything? Is there a confidence I’m missing in me? It feels like I am being pointed elsewhere, but I don’t see it. Am I not done and have a different calling? I’m ready to journey to my best self.

All the best!

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