Why Church? – 10/03/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

This year I chose to go back to church. I have been attending as much as possible. The lectures the pastor gives resonate so much with what is recent in my life. It has been life-changing for me because I’ve had the feeling as if the pastors are speaking to me directly. I am interested in the topics.

This reminds me of my uncle taking me to church as a 6-year-old kid, wearing my favorite white, Sunday dress. I thought I was very generous donating a quarter each Sunday as instructed by my uncle to do. More than before this reminds me of him and the happiness and peace I felt as he drove up to our house and the unconditional love he showed us, to persist and not give up.

With all the challenges I’ve lived I lost faith and hope. I now feel as if he’s the one that is supporting me from above to restore both my faith and hope. Deep down I wanted to return and through the people that surround me I was able to choose the one house of God that I can connect with. The messages resonate and make sense, I’m getting the answers I have asked for so many years. I, at times think there’s an underlying reason for people to be nice or ask me for a favor, rightfully so I question, but I’m learning that people truly want to be nice. I faced so many challenges of people taking from me and plenty of hurtful situations. I am growing stronger in mind and spirit.

The challenges I face now don’t scare me because it was all worth the past to get to my best self. My intuition is my muscle of protection. Nothing came easy, struggled to rebuild, learned so many lessons along the way. I can be generous with boundaries. I rose above it all. This house of God speaks to me directly each Sunday, humbly. All the best!

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