My Advice to Myself – 9/27/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

If you think about the past in the present, you block yourself of the good that wants to come in. You get stuck. When something happens in the present and you begin to say and think, “Oh, this happened to me back then.” OR “This reminds me of the situation then and it’s just going to be the same.”

Work your magic and be strong – only looking forward. It’s a risk to take, but it’s better than remaining stuck and getting lost thinking of the past. Find your harmony, be solid, mature and wise to push things through. You got through it the first time then you can too get past this. Shift your self-talk. Be patient and compassionate with yourself. If you give a lot and get nothing in return take a break from giving and start receiving doing self-care. Don’t take any time to think today about yesterday. It’s gone.

Harvest and count your blessings. Surround yourself with people that support and are positive. All the best!

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