Be of Service – 9/24/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

Your positive influence is a way to give back. I understand why my co-workers come to me for advice and instruction on how to complete tasks. It was expressed to me by a young lady at work -that I connect in the most welcoming and kind manner, and she is comfortable asking me because she is always clear on my requests. Others don’t have the same relationship with her that I do. One day someone took a chance on me as a young lady and I’m just passing it on – in my mentor’s honor.

The young lady calls to ask a favor for a list of projects my co-worker’s and I work on so that she is able to disseminate the proper information to the correct person since there’s several of us working on different projects for her department. A person from my department made a big deal over the young lady sending a journal entry to the incorrect person, too much drama. The young lady was hoping I could help her avoid future incident with this person from my department. I absolutely didn’t hesitate. I sent the young lady instructions on what to do and view all the projects we’re all working on. No big deal.

Bless her heart she tries to understand everything that people ask of her and with little notice and minimal information. She’s always willing to do the necessary to understand things and get it right the first time. She has good work ethic. I advised her to let it go, if the drama created by one person, leave it with one person. Don’t give it any attention, she’s not worth it. It has nothing to do with the young lady and everything to do with my co-worker, her attitude. People like that will always try to find something to complain about.

For me it’s a win-win any time I can connect with anyone. I gladly shared instead of tearing someone down, it’s always best to pick them up after an un-necessary bashing. All the best!

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