The Unexpected Chat – 9/19/22

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well!

I ask myself why everything is such a struggle lately? My workload is heavy as it is and if I do one thing, I didn’t do the other before I can finalize the task, and no one says anything until it comes to that point – Oh! and I have to ask after I’m stuck if not, I wouldn’t have known. There is no such manual – I am creating my own as I go along. I think of not making someone else feel like I am feeling now, and I take the time to put it together. Why? No one thinks of making my time and my effort easy. Then it came…the chat.

I have worked so hard to get a good grasp and master the job and it seems like there is no end in sight. The more I scratch the surface, the more of a workload appears. It feels as if someone has been blocking my path to being successful in this job and I will have to keep fighting, but how much fire and endurance do I have left in me? There are some changes that are going to change. I have been trying to process the brief “chat” because voiced my opinion with the new projects. Should I step out or should I give it a deadline? I have a lot more work than many of my co-workers. Okay, changes will be made, but I too have to decide if what was expressed to me is acceptable. It’s about a give and take, not taking advantage.

Do I want to continue to accept more work with the little time and daily responsibilities? Stepping out has been the best solution in the past. Certainly not a bad chat, but certainly a decisive one for me. What are the changes is the big question. The how are you doing has been lost.

I’m certainly looking and listening, tapping into my intuition. For those who may also have a need to hear this and might be in the same situation.

All the best!

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