Some Work Knowledge to Watch Out! – 9/17/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

I want to blog about this because a young lady reminded me yesterday from our conversation of the warning signs and how to get through and overcome those difficult situations, maybe even avoid one. Be able to know and see the warnings by mostly listening carefully. As it happened to me in the past, as usual I took what worked and took my lessons and didn’t repeat them.

Keep your eyes and ears open for their posture and facial expressions. Understand who is “stepping on your toes”, you will know because the confirmation will get back to you from someone else – your intuition was trying to tell you. People will be jealous, upset and steal ideas, if you ask them why they won’t be able to tell you. Keep information to yourself – know when and what you share. Not everyone will like you and agree too. Don’t show your talent and skills immediately, people may take advantage. Don’t doubt yourself – have confidence and believe in yourself because your creativity and hard work will show. Document things appropriately and don’t get caught in the finger-pointing, it’s happened to me a few times and I didn’t even know until months later. I have received emails that show the person’s emotional state and that’s a huge sign to stay away.

Forgive, but set your boundaries, be reasonable, practical and logical. Don’t accept excuses when you are sure of what you are worth in pay, incentives and credit for your ideas and work. My wisdom was built from experience, not from textbooks.

All the Best!

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