On A Personal Note – We’re Okay, What We Encountered – 9/13/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

Our ancestors and spirit guides are watching over us. They are trying to tell us or show us something. We were at the right time and the right place. We were the chosen ones to help this family. We are experiencing and seeing a lot of others sad times. We are experiencing and seeing a lot of sad, but we have to face it with courage. We couldn’t save him, but have to tray and save this young family.

We ask ourselves why, what is the reason for us to go through this? I believe it will not remain sad for a while. This is important for us to go through and complete. Is it that we need to see or do something different? Is this leading us to leave what we have and begin something new? How we react is important for this young kdis and with peace. It’s difficult to hear and see what we’re experiencing. It’s happening for a specific reason.

The storm clouds I see are dissipating as of today for us and for the family we are supporting. What is left for us to do? What is our loved ones message to us? Emotionally it’s tough, but we can get through it, we are strong together. I trust we will see justice for this family. I trust we can handle critical situations, although so bad we being entrusted with helping and protecting. We can’t stress and it’s not easy – there is something to learn from this situation.

Are we being prepared for something bigger? I accept the challenge and I can only give it my best. Handle calmly. It requires a balanced mentality. Command without worry. Be tranquil. Guidance and wisdom. We’re okay. All the best!

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