Crafting Your Image of Success – 9/06/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

Dominating and believing in your vision. Re-invent, assess – review your life and being the truest version of yourself. Re-evaluating relationships and what is best for you. Be consistent with being in your highest vibration. Listen, pay attention to your intuition, thoughts and dreams. Choose and hit the start button of action.

Take time to yourself, stabilize, be in solitude to bring out the best ideas that help you succeed. Be practical and not dwell on the bad or past. During tough time we feel the need to have someone, or something rescue us, but that normally doesn’t happen. Trust that it does happen in divine timing. There is something for us to learn from situations but remember to continue to surround yourself with the things, smells and people that comfort you, make you smile or connect with what you love. My son is one of those connections.

Appreciate and be grateful – focus on what is going right and what you can do – not at what you can’t. Enjoy and celebrate the good that happens and also go through the emotions that you feel of sadness to be able to let go. Stay inspired. All the best!

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