When a Job Affects Your Health – 9/02/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

I spoke to a friend of mine of almost five years who was also a co-worker. She confided that on the weekend she would be returning her laptop to the office of technology and resigning her position as of Monday 9/5/22 and not giving the employer the standard two-week notice. I completely understand her position of just “throwing in the towel.” Enough is enough.

She is simplifying her life by letting go of a job that only demands of her, but won’t give anything in return, not even any acknowledgement of her hard work, less a decent pay raise. It brings me back of the reason why I left. She’s having hair loss, knots in her stomach from being frustrated. The many chiefs being hired and not one other person to support her. They are all asking so much of her and does not have room to breathe. She’s dizzy from her head spinning from the times she would like to have time to walk away to eat. She feels fatigued and worthless of feeling stuck to the wall. No one hears her voice, but they do see her and hear her when everyone else needs something.

This employer is very well known by brand. Many have left and will continue leaving because it’s not a place that values their employees. There is no emphasis or importance placed on the worker, only the client. I’ve heard the same message over and over again.

I’m going to make sure she is okay, but if you are to go through something like this. It’s over, run for your LIFE! All the best!

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