People Who You Spend Time with Will Shape Who You Are – 9/01/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

I have spent a lot of time with plenty of people in my career, but you have to think about the demanding boss. This is the person whom I never liked. This was my attitude toward my demanding bosses. I used to talk behind their back, make fun of them, be upset quite often, even curse them out in my mind. Ultimately, those demanding bosses taught me who I want to be and what I should not be. I thank them for teaching me those many lessons.

Of course, I had those couple bosses that I truly would not like to hear from ever again, really! The ones that hired quality people and quickly treated them awful. I was given a lot of work, not paid for it and the saying, “80% of the work is done by 20% of the people” is true. I was always pointed at and put in my place when I worked a lot and did what I was asked to do, got to work on time and did my time each day. On the other hand, everyone knew who the lazy people were, and they were allowed to do as they pleased. I didn’t get credit for the work that I did, it was that boss who did. I was not acknowledged for anything. After three years of doing my work, supporting many others and the liaison for implementing a new system I was given $1,000 raise. I called it quits then.

Then, I had the bosses that pushed me, tested me, and brought out the fire in me to push through the difficult and there’s where I learned most from. In reality this was their way of training me. And training they did because it prepared me to be the best at what I do and continue forward. It prepared me on how to stand up for myself and speak out. I would not have been who I am if not for them. I grew personally and professionally. They demanded the types of tasks that would challenge me. They taught me not to settle and research, put limits on things and know when it’s the right time to move on.

It was all for my own good. So, know the difference. All the best!

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