Winning Over the Crowd – 8/29/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

Things are becoming much easier. Each time you start over in a new job it’s a risk each side takes during the hire process. I work in my highest vibration each day. I try to create a welcoming environment with anyone I collaborate with on each project. I have had to rely on my own previous experience of working to be successful in my current role. Each day I had to prepare and be proactive.

  • Communication – this is a huge deal for many although I don’t have an answer to close the gap on bad communication – my role is to know what and who gets the appropriate information. I consider who all is affected by the work I do.
  • Influence – people are watching how you work, manage and maintain tasks and situations including your approach and reaction to things that are challenging. Once they see that what you do is working, they copy that. It’s a chain reaction. The impact you might not see right away, but it happens as it is happening to me.
  • Talent/Skillset – this is past experience that I have been able to implement in support of my success in this role. Communicating and establishing an agreement or flow of what works best for the collective – finding solutions.
  • People who you spend the most time with shape who you are and vice versa. I try to understand their role to assist in pushing through those barriers.

I’m shaking things up and I am strong at what I do. Someone taught me the skillset and I’m just passing it on.

All the Best!

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