Only if I Would’ve…the Past. 8/25/22

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well.

I found myself in a downturn recently. My mind was stuck dealing and replaying what occurred over the last two months. My sister also had a situation where she was overwhelmed by the amount of work and responsibility. We both have been working really hard and we had our hands full in a lot. Our personal lives were also challenged, and we both had to deal with plenty of drama.

We talked about each other’s experience. We had either obstacles or a lot of work to get through. This brought stress and self-doubt. Things got tough on the personal level adding to the frustration and anger to the already stressful workdays.

And then a change in the wind…

As for me I was disconnected. I feel like I’m just coming out of that darkness. I took action. I had to get away and out. I practiced self-care, lit my candle, prayed and meditate. I went to a concert and then to church on Sunday. Slow and steady wins the race. I began to take steps to cut the sadness and the hurt. I began to feel a change, refreshed. I continue to release that bad energy and got lost in my work and the personal drama I forgot to self-care. I’m following my heart and working on journaling again. I forgot to work on my passion that has helped me release all the pressure. I trust all will work out. I appreciate and am thankful for my blessings, confidence, my health and self-care. The change in the wind and being at peace is a reason to celebrate a new cycle…

My sister is moving on to calmer shores at work and I am in talks for a new beginning. There is certainly a change in the wind…All the best!

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