Personality Clash @ Work- 8/23/22

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well!

Generally, I can work with anyone. I believe I’ve encountered many personalities and over time I have been able to be flexible and let a lot go when it comes to certain personalities, especially as I got older. There are times like recently that brought me to blog about this topic.

I have worked with people that have an aggressive personality, but it has served me well because I’ve been pushed to get out of my comfort zone, and I couldn’t see it then. I also grew thick skin and have been able to let a lot go. This type is very straight-forward, what you see it what you get.

The passive-aggressive type is like a roller coaster of emotions. You never know which mood the person is in daily. I ignore the personality because the person lacks something, and it doesn’t have anything to do with me. There is no reason for it, but it’s personal to them.

The kind ones and the quiet ones are the easier to work with. They go with the flow and/or don’t know a lot which is the reason why I support the most. Very easy going. They kill you with kindness and I appreciate them. I never hesitate to say yes.

Recently, a person that I work with has a very direct approach and a tendency to offend and doesn’t believe that what they say is anything else, but business. Everyone hesitates to request anything of this person because they are met with criticism and it’s difficult to do their job. The person is quick to comment on everything that went bad and will say things unrelated to the topic or question. The person took a shot at me and my “NICE” personality that despite my attempt to be nice it wouldn’t assist her in resolving her dilemma. Despite the unwillingness of the person to cooperate I continued to assist and resolve the question and the concern. I ignored the “mean girl” attitude of the person. The request was resolved, and I moved on. I felt the tension thereafter and I kept working together. I noticed the anger, the attempted intimidation, the blame game and I continued being NICE. Today, we worked well together. After all the emotions the person went through, they finally let it go. I guess they realized that it wasn’t as bad as they thought. All I tried to do was get her answers, nothing else. What she doesn’t know is, “Been There – Done That!” Got over it, we got back to work.

All the best!

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